Exterior Home Colors As Per Vastu

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Vaasthu rules for number of doors and windows Keep those doors and windows closed during day time so that the bright rays do not reflect in the room.

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It can be used anywhere in the house suggested vastu for house colour.

Exterior home colors as per vastu. Vastu colors for open space South direction should be coloured with yellow colour Home colours vastu colors for home के अनुसार घर का रंग दिशाओं तथा घर के मालिक की जन्मतिथि के अनुसार ही तय किया जाना शुभ होता है।

The paint of light color is good as per vastu. So before doing this one should choose wall color accordingly. Rest and relaxation are the two words that are foremost in ones mind when returning home from work.

Highways should ideally have shoulders and dividers with abundant greenery and flowers to keep the drivers mind stimulated and awake and generally to inspire. The living room colour as per vastu could be a serene white, cheerful yellow, healing green or soothing blue. Sometimes, the color is recommended based on the direction of the house.

Here may be a detailed explanation for selecting wall colors according to vastu and other tips that you simply should follow while picking these colors: These colors are warm and tend to attract positive energy into your home. Vastu for home rules tells you how to use wall colors as per the planetary directions to impact the energy flow in a positive way.

Colours influence our mind and soul thereby enhancing the ability to take decisions carefully and cheerfully. Light red, light yellow, pink, light chocolate, orange: Ceilings are generally painted in white, since it gives an enlarged and scintillating effect.

Vastu shastra advises to avoid black colour in the house and avoid red colour in the rooms of the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety issues. Right color for every direction as per vastu shastra. These colours must not be present in the rooms where children study, create and play.

Staircase door of the staircase should be built from east to west or north to south. Color combination for home as per vastu. Red and black are bold colours which encourage many negative attributes like lust, lack, etc.

Regardless of how busy our schedules are or how little time we spend reception, having the proper vastu colors for home is vital. Which color is best for the exterior as per vastu? Avoid excess red and black color in the house.

The five elements of our planet along with the directions make up these rules to help us achieve harmony in day to day life. Thus, vastu has certain rules regarding the use of colors in the house as well. Cars should be parked facing north or east.

In the east, one can choose to have white or light blue colour. The best color for the exterior of the house is white/mauve. Do not use bright colors on walls facing south and west windows and doors,as they reflect light and cause glare.

According to vastu colors for home exterior walls, green color exudes dynamisms, red color exemplifies equity, white color projects clarity & pureness and black denotes a feeling of amazement, greatness, and wisdom. Grab the best vastu colors for home as per vastu shastra. The colors of the exterior should match the zodiac signs of people who own the house.

Vasthu basics in atharvana veda; Black and gray are elegant and sleek. If you like these colors then select them only for the south wall in your office.

Bright blue, bright red, bright yellow, bright orange, chocolate, royal purple, white. To understand the use of colors as per vaastu, it is essential to understand colors itself, first. Pink is a very bubbly, flamboyant and distinct colour.

Warm and soothing bedroom colors, bedroom bedding, comforters, wall decorations create nice ambience and make your bedroom décor perfect. Vastu colors for bed room: Colours have profound impact on our psychology, intellect and emotions which is why vastu enumerates basic rules pertaining to colours which every house should take note of.

• colours to be avoided: You should try to apply the wall colors as per the following rules: Neutral colors are also considered very good in vastu shastra and are recommended for houses and other buildings.

Prefer light blue, green, pink, and cream color for rooms. Yellow is the most suitable colour for this part of your home, as this will facilitate this process. Colors influence our lifestyles, behavior and moods in a big way.

For enhancement of vastu, you should follow these rules and make sure to pick the colors that have an active impact on your team. Light colors are considered good for painting the walls of a garage. Yellow, blue, and green colors are soothing and natural which also makes our room look bigger.

Colors matter because they speak a lot about the people staying within. There are a variety of neutral shades available in the market so you can easily have your pick! For vastu color of the master bedroom, opt for pink as it is a color that brings happiness and warmth:

Vastu & feng shui news: All the pastel colors are considered best in vastu shastra. What colours should you steer away from here?

Home colours should be such that it helps you pacify, stimulate mood, gives good health and makes you content. Check 10 inspirational bedroom décor images for flawlessly decorated bedroom. The exterior home colour, should be based on its owners.

Psychologists believe that color influence our mood being very powerful and how much time we spend in our rooms. The exterior should always have a light color.

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